Toothache Treatments – Severe Tooth Pain

Dental Treatments for Toothaches for a Pain-free Lifestyle and Improved Oral Health

Toothaches come in many sizes and shapes, and the pain can vary from moderate to severe pain. Whatever the extent of discomfort, toothaches aren’t enjoyable, and the sooner they’re treated, the better for your comfort and oral health.

Are you currently suffering from a painful toothache in Arlington, Washington? There’s no need to endure the agony when relief is just a phone call away. At Eagle Family Dental, our experienced dentists provide a range of treatments to alleviate your tooth pain.

Causes of toothaches

Identifying the cause of your tooth pain is vital in establishing the appropriate treatment. Here are some common causes of toothaches.

  • Cavities or tooth decay
  • Cracked Teeth
  • Gum disease
  • Dental trauma
  • Failed dental work
  • Tooth infection or abscess
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Teeth grinding (bruxism)

While toothaches can be managed with home remedies, you need professional care to determine the cause of your toothache for long-lasting relief. Besides physical inspections, we use digital x-rays with 3D imaging to determine the exact underlying cause of your tooth pain.

Treatments for toothaches

Early treatment for tooth pain is vital to prevent further complications and pain. What could have been resolved with a simple filling can result in complex restorative treatments like root canals. Seek dental care treatment if your toothache is incremental or doesn’t respond to home remedies.

When we diagnose the cause of your tooth pain, treatment may include:

  • Cavity fillings: Dental decay or cavities are the most common causes of toothaches. And if left untreated, a cavity can reach your tooth’s pulp, causing infection. Our office fixes cavities using composite fillings. Once we remove the decayed portion, we fill the void left using tooth-colored composite resin. 
  • Dental crowns: Significant damage or decay on your tooth requires more than a filling. In such cases, we offer same-day dental crowns to manage pain while restoring your tooth for durable function and aesthetics. 
  • Gum disease therapy: Moderate to severe gum disease can cause tooth pain. Gum infection may cause your gums to pull away from your teeth, causing pain and sensitivity. Mild to moderate gum disease is treatable through scaling and root planing, but advanced periodontitis may require surgery from a periodontist.

Depending on the cause of your tooth pain, we may also prescribe antibiotics and painkillers to manage the pain. At times, we may recommend a root canal to treat an infected tooth. Sometimes, your tooth may be not salvageable and need to be removed to get you out of pain.  

Toothache relief near me

Are you experiencing a toothache? It can be painful and hard to deal with. Visit a dentist immediately for a proper diagnosis and treatment. If you are in Arlington, WA,  call (360) 322-1251 to schedule an appointment with Eagle Family Dental. We also serve the nearby locations of Marysville, Stanwood, Lake Stevens, Granite Falls, Smokey Point, Camano Island, and Everett, WA.