A Reputation for Quality Service and Beautiful Smiles!

At Eagle Family Dental Center, our primary focus is your oral health and comfort. We are very prevention oriented, and we are quite successful at bringing our patients to a state of stable oral health, then helping them maintain that health and stability.

Why Choose Eagle Family Dental Center?

  • Our exceptional team will go the extra mile every day to make our patients feel comfortable and welcome, and do everything we can to put them at ease. We try to build trust and confidence in our relationships.
  • We are first and foremost concerned for our patients’ wellbeing. Every aspect of what we do is based on what is best for our patients. Over the years, we have developed a very trusting relationship with our patients and in many cases we have treated several generations of the same family!
  • We have a very good reputation for our gentle, caring attitude and positive outcomes. We are prominently involved in community affairs, always supportive and active. Our clinic is comfortable, modern, visible, and easy to access.
  • We will help estimate insurance benefits, bill insurance for services rendered, and coordinate benefits. We accept all insurances, and offer our patients the option of a dental credit card, CareCredit, or we arrange in-office payment plans.

Give our Arlington dental office a call today to schedule your appointment. We want to welcome you to our family of patients!