Skip the Wait and Restore Your Smile and Oral Health with Same-day Dentistry

What one thing would you like to change about dentistry? Did you say delayed treatments? We get it! When family, personal, and work responsibilities don’t leave much time for dental treatments, asking for multiple dental appointments can be a tough for your busy lifestyle. But thanks to same-day dentistry in Arlington, Washington, you don’t need repeat visits with your dentist. Eagle Dental Family has invested in single-appointment dentistry to make dental treatments fast and convenient.

What is same-day dentistry?

Traditional dentistry for many treatments involves multiple appointments spread out over several weeks and, sometimes, months. Same-day or one-visit dentistry is an approach to dental treatment where specific dental procedures are completed in a single appointment, typically within a few hours. This approach relies on cutting-edge dental technology, such as CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) systems and in-office milling machines, to create dental restorations on the same day as the patient’s initial appointment.

You might mistake same-day dentistry for rushed, ill-fitting restorations, but we assure you that is not the case. Our one-visit restorations are as superior as traditional dental work, only faster!

Dental restorations that can benefit from same-day dentistry

Believe it or not, dental treatments that used to take several appointments and weeks to complete can now be completed in a day! For instance, same-day dentistry can be a good choice if you need to restore your smile with a dental crown.

A traditional dental crown requires at least 2-3 dental appointments spanning several weeks. CEREC or same-day dental crowns are planned, designed, and placed in a single appointment. This speed is possible because we’ve in-house capabilities to design and mill your crown right here in our office. There is no need to send your impressions to an offsite lab to craft your crown. Everything — from start to finish — is done in our office.  

Other restorations that can be completed in a single day include veneers, dental inlays, and onlays. Thanks to one-visit dentistry, you can walk out of a dental office with a brand-new smile after just one appointment.

Benefits of same-day dentistry

In an era of unprecedented speed and convenience, same-day dentistry is taking dentistry by storm. Now, dentists can administer complex treatments without disrupting your everyday lifestyle. 

These are the many benefits of one-visit dentistry.

  • Fast and convenient treatment
  • No need for ill-fitting provisional restorations
  • No messy physical impressions
  • Perfect-fitting restorations because of precise technology
  • Immediate results mean instant gratification

Technology makes our lives easier, and dentistry is no different. Today, you can restore your smile without the wait, even when complex restorations are needed. Want to see how same-day dentistry can benefit your smile? Please dial (360) 322-1251 to schedule an appointment with Eagle Family Dental.