What braces are available for the treatment of misaligned teeth in adults?

If you are an adult looking for orthodontic treatment to straighten your smile, don’t take another minute to delay services! Our team at Eagle Family Dental in Arlington, Washington, is pleased to offer a selection of different treatment options for you to choose from, ensuring you achieve the smile you have always wanted!

What types of adult orthodontics are available?

Whether you are looking for adult overbite correction, clear braces for adults, or just a treatment to address mild misalignment in your smile, our team will often recommend the benefits of orthodontic treatments. We are pleased to offer the following solutions for patients to consider:

  • Metal braces: Traditional metal braces are a typical go-to for more moderate to severe cases of misalignment. They use metal brackets skillfully glued to the teeth and connected with guide wires that are adjusted throughout the treatment to pull teeth into proper alignment.
  • Ceramic braces: Patients who want a less noticeable option when treating moderate to severe malocclusion may wish to ask about ceramic braces. These use brackets and wires, but instead use tooth-colored ones that are not as obvious in the smile.
  • Clear aligner braces: Alternatively, those with mild to moderate misalignment of the teeth who want a practically invisible option will want to ask about our clear aligner braces. These braces that fit over the teeth are made of transparent plastic. Patients wear them at least 20 hours a day to realign the teeth follow a series of custom-made trays to achieve the results they desire. We offer two popular brands, including ClearCorrect and Invisalign.

Which treatment is right for me?

During your initial consultation appointment with Drs. Bryce Duskin, Arezoo Holdaway, Gavin McNelis, and Ally Mueller you will be evaluated to determine the severity of your misalignment and the goals you would like to reach. Then, we can make a recommendation based on this information. We also take time to talk about your budget and ensure you can afford the treatment you are seeking.

Interested in finding out more about available orthodontic treatments?

If you are looking for adult orthodontics, turn to our team at Eagle Family Dental in Arlington, Washington, today! Call (360) 322-1251 to request a visit with our dental team, conveniently located at 20302 77th Avenue Northeast.