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Client Testimonial

Hi, my name is Kim Sanders and I’m from Arlington, Washington. So I came to Eagle Family Dentistry because I had a dentist that was retiring and I was looking for a dentist to bring my family to. And I seen an ad for Eagle Family Practice and I reached out and Bryce was actually the one who got back with me. And so I came in to meet him for my family. I actually seen an ad, I think on Facebook, or I was looking for something, somebody in the area. And I responded to an ad and he called me. I was so surprised that the dentist actually called me and not one of his staff, but Bryce himself. So one of the things I really like about Eagle Family Dental is that, well, for one, they take care of me and my whole family. But since I’ve been coming here, just what started off to be just a new dentist turned into so much more in my personal life. I’m a survivor of pancreatic cancer and I’ve gone through a lot of treatments. Chemotherapy is not very easy on your teeth. I’ve learned, and Bryce and his staff have helped me through all of my issues, my teeth breaking off, things that you would never imagine would happen happened. And I just really felt like they kind of held my hand through the whole thing and we’re very empathetic. I can’t imagine being anywhere else. Well, one of the things that has been very important to me is the cost of things. And Bryce and his team have worked relentlessly to help me with the cost of things. Looking down the path of, am I going to even live? Do I want to put that much money into my teeth? Is it worth it? And they’ve been very helpful, helped me through this whole journey. Yeah, it’s just been great. So I’ve referred a lot of people here. My whole family comes here. I have friends that come here and I really just, it’s such a caring and kind of a family atmosphere it feels like. I mean, everybody’s happy all the time, and I used to not be very happy going to the dentist, but I come here, I laugh, I joke, I got the T-shirt. Actually, I got the sweatshirt for Thursdays. Anyways, yeah, it’s just fun. It’s a fun experience. Nobody likes to go to the dentist, but I actually don’t mind.