What general dentistry services are available at Eagle Family Dental?

General dentistry encompasses the regular services of our dental team to keep the smile healthy and reduce the risk of common dental issues, including disease and decay. At Eagle Family Dental in Arlington, Washington, our team can provide you with regular evaluations and discuss any general dental care services that could be helpful for you. Drs. Bryce Duskin, Arezoo Holdaway, Gavin McNelis, and Ally Mueller are here to assist by determining the treatments you might need to achieve the healthy smile you’ve always wanted!

What are some standard general dentistry services available at Eagle Family Dental?

Our dental team believes in providing the quality care patients deserve, especially regarding routine procedures and preventative care. Below are just some of the general dentistry services available at our practice:

  • Cleanings and examinations: Every six months, we encourage patients to come into Eagle Family Dental for a thorough evaluation with our team and a deep cleaning to remove plaque and tartar.
  • Dental sealants: Protecting the smile from cavities is a great way to reduce the risk of cavities and can be achieved with dental sealants. These are placed on the chewing surfaces of the teeth near the back of the mouth, specifically the molars, to reduce the crevices where food particles can become stuck and contribute to tooth decay.
  • Fluoride treatments: Another method of teeth protection is fluoride applications, which strengthen the natural tooth’s enamel.
  • Dental fillings: If areas of decay are found either physically through an examination or with dental x-rays, early treatment is best to reduce the risk of the cavity becoming larger and deeper.

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